A door opens on a new chapter. We are now en route to Harare via Dubai. We have had a stopover in England (and a dip into Wales!) to visit some old friends and some old haunts, showing Rachelle and Thea some of the places we lived and worked 20 years ago.  We were generously hosted by friends in Shrewsbury and Oswestry enabling us to be re-introduced to the standstill tailbacks of the M25, that feeling of standing still while being passed doing 75mph on the M42, to the castles of Chirk and Shrewsbury, to the flowering beauty of the Dingle in Shrewsbury, to walking in the Shropshire hills and on Offa’s Dyke, to steering into the hedge to avoid the oncoming postal van on the narrow lanes of Wales and detouring around the spaghetti spill

But Thea will tell you that the real reason for the stopover was so she could sharpen her broomstick flying and spell throwing skills at the Harry Potter experience.  Paul just wishes she had learned how to disapparate so he didn’t have to drive clear across London.  Lori will tell you the real reason was to see Kenneth Brannagh in “The Entertainer”. Rachelle will tell you it was so she could continue her “Handstand Tour” of great monuments, this time up at the top gallery of the Tower Bridge.   Paul will tell you it was so he could continue being asked directions in foreign countries. 

But the entertainment is over and the serious stuff is about to begin. It’s from London to Dubai then on to Harare with our 8 bags (4 containing medical supplies, soccer balls and soccer shirts) weighing in at 119kg (1 kg under the limit!). With a weekend  in Harare (again courtesy of generous hosts) to get settled and get groceries we  head out to Nyanga in the Eastern Highlands. We’re all obviously a little nervous and uncertain as to how that’s going to look and what our role will be. However we believe the good fortune and assistance we have been blessed with so far will continue and we will find our way. 

13 thoughts on “Alohomora

  1. Shane Jamieson

    HI Mackey team.
    Good luck, Hamba kahle, in Zimbabwe i am sure you will have fun and it will be exciting for you all. Bruce was born in Zim and I to the north in Zambia.
    Much love – Shane

  2. Megan

    Glad you had a good time at the old stomping grounds in the UK. We stayed out of central London while there so no chance of our paths crossing! Hope all is well in Zimbabwe, take care and all the best! Megan (and Wayne)

  3. Dean

    Every great adventure comes with risk. The risk is the reward. I wish you all well and look forward to hearing the many adventures that you partake in the coming months.
    Be well

  4. Rod Campain

    Rod, Nicole, Eliza and Emma,

    Looking forward to reading your posts, safe travels and hope great family adventure and achieve all your goals.

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