Putting it all in Place

I had intended to start this blog back in May while I was attending the UBC Tropical Medicine course as it seemed like an appropriate launching point at the time. However the course was quite intensive, life remained busy and, let’s face it, there has been a lot to organize. Here we are at the end of July and there is still a lot to organize but we have to start sometime. So here it is. The start.

Early September we will be packed up and leaving Fort St John. Jeryn and Ted will have left late August to drive back to Guelph. We will be driving Liam down to UVic before flying out from Vancouver September 8. We will have a stop over in the UK (while it remains as such) to catch a few friends before heading to Zimbabwe, arriving Sept 16.

The rough itinerary is approximately 6 weeks in Zimbabwe, and approximately 6 weeks in Uganda before heading back to Canada for Christmas via a stopover in Europe before heading to Australia in the new year to work there for about 6 months. We plan to post semi-regularly for those who want to follow along.

5 thoughts on “Putting it all in Place

  1. Anne McCurrach

    Wow! Your travel plans sounds fantastic. Have a great time in Africa, where will you be positioned in Australia, I vaguely remember you saying something about Tassie! Anne

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