Run Lori Run

Lori sets herself the goal of running one half marathon per year (Paul was content to rest on his laurels from the FSJ triathlon last year. “I was on call, OK”). This year Lori and a close FSJ friend chose Edmonton as part of her “farewell tour”. Maybe a little surprising that she took so long to return to Edmonton to do so having gone to university there and given the number of times we come here each year (mostly for soccer). Nevertheless, she managed to complete it in a respectable time despite blisters and a niggling Iliotibial Band. No that was not the name of the music playing as she ran. 

Her “tapering” prior to the race included drinks on various outdoor decks during the week and attending the excellent play, “Prepare for the Worst” (foreshadowing) at the Fringe festival with a friend from U of A, having dinner at The Manor Bistro the night before the run, and walking down to the N Saskatchewan 🙂

Meanwhile friends and colleagues have been graciously sending us off: Lori’s work colleagues, Paul’s work colleagues, a very touching farewell at church, brunch at the Petrucci’s (which was no less touching and even more emotional) and lunch with Paul’s office staff. I think they are making sure we are truly leaving!

Soon on the itinerary will be the long drive to Vancouver/Victoria to deposit Liam at university. 

Life is a Highway

Inevitably we catch ourself thinking “this might be the last time we….” While this visit to Tumbler Ridge won’t be our last just yet (I am working there this Saturday and Lori the next Saturday) our visit last Saturday definitely had a nostalgia element to it. We made a return journey to Grizfest to see Tom Cochrane, definitely one of the performers on the “soundtrack of our life”. And he didn’t disappoint.  We think it was the first time we had been back to Grizfest since Decaphony’s triumphant performance there in 2002. Well the one man and his dog in the audience seemed mostly pleased to listen to us back then. Or maybe he had just taken a wrong turn. 

Putting it all in Place

I had intended to start this blog back in May while I was attending the UBC Tropical Medicine course as it seemed like an appropriate launching point at the time. However the course was quite intensive, life remained busy and, let’s face it, there has been a lot to organize. Here we are at the end of July and there is still a lot to organize but we have to start sometime. So here it is. The start.

Early September we will be packed up and leaving Fort St John. Jeryn and Ted will have left late August to drive back to Guelph. We will be driving Liam down to UVic before flying out from Vancouver September 8. We will have a stop over in the UK (while it remains as such) to catch a few friends before heading to Zimbabwe, arriving Sept 16.

The rough itinerary is approximately 6 weeks in Zimbabwe, and approximately 6 weeks in Uganda before heading back to Canada for Christmas via a stopover in Europe before heading to Australia in the new year to work there for about 6 months. We plan to post semi-regularly for those who want to follow along.